Cooling after the meal

My wife and I love our favorite restaurant which happens to be a nearby Mexican eating establishment named Agave. It is the best Mexican food we have ever experienced.  Also, along with the customary corn chips and salsa, this place gives out free guacamole as an appetizer! My wife and I like this locale, because they have the best service, amazing tacos, live music, and flaming fajitas! Who could legitimately ask for more when it comes to a Mexican eating establishment? Unfortunately, the last time my wife and I made the decision to go there, it entirely seemed a little bit too authentic. It was so warm inside the eating establishment that it felt like my wife and I were in a desert!  The owner of the restaurant himself came over to our table to talk to us. As my wife and I shoveled in our guacamole and homemade chips, he explained how that day, their air conditioner component had gone on the fritz. It seems the a/c would come on and run for awhile, but then the thermostat would kick off again without ever making the temperature of the eating establishment decrease at all. The temperature was so warm by the time my wife and I got there that the owner had given up and called for an emergency service call from the local Heating, Ventilation plus A/C company. In fact the heating, ventilation plus A/C service people were already in the back room of the eating establishment diligently working on the air conditioner component as my wife and I were scarfing down guacamole and salsa. It was a great thing, too, because the drenched Mariachi band in their velvet suits and ornate sombreros looked like they were about to suffer from heat stroke! Finally by the time our cheese quesadillas and cold margaritas arrived, the air conditioner came on and blessedly cool air started pouring through the ventilation ducts.  Ole!

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