Waiting one minute

One thing I bitterly hate about Wintertime, is getting out of bed when the room is chilly cold. My alarm clock rings compelling me to get up and face the day, but my body begs to stay under the warm covers! As soon as I remove the blanket, chilly air will pour in. I will run to the shower, turn on the sizzling water, and wait to jump in and warm up my chilly bones.  But there might be an easy resolution to this problem, a middle man if you will.

             If I had radiant floors, my feet would not have to touch cold floorboards as I get out of bed on a chilly Winter day and hurry to the shower. Instead, warmth would emanate from the floor and up through my feet and flood me with blissful joy.  I should call my Heating and A/C provider and check if my oil furnace plan supports radiant floors. Replacing a heater may be overpriced, but my comfort is worth the money. I can imagine it now. Speaking of cold, it may be the best time for my Heating and AC serviceman to do an oil furnace diagnosis.

             This old heating system is doing little to keep the chill out of the air on Winter afternoons. A little tuning would probably do it good. So between a functioning Heating and A/C plan and radiant floors in my home, I suppose it would be better. In fact, I may come to like rolling out of bed and putting my feet on comfortingly warm floor boards. Wintertime might even become my number one season.  It sounds so cozy! I’m going to call my Heating and A/C provider immediately and make this dream a reality.