Could not live without ac

Way back in the day, I was described to be “delicate” & “sensitive” but what people didn’t tell myself and others was that I was real sensitive to heat, & harshly light sensitive. What that means is that being outdoors in the bright light & high heat levels affecting myself and others in a way it didn’t affect other boys and girls. After a few minutes of horrible interest in the sunshine I might pass out, & if they didn’t get myself and others into the darkness soon after that, I would start getting sick uncontrollably. As I got older, none of this would change, however I then learned to manage it better. Heating & A/C systems are our main thing, quite frankly, & the only reason I can lead a normal life for about a portion of the year, but during the Spring & rolling through the hot season, the cooling systems in our house & vehicle are actual life lines that keep myself and others feeling good. Winters are the greatest for me, because there is less sunshine & lower heater use outdoors, & I am love anyone else at these times. Once the Summer heat comes in, there are days even weeks before that, I need to make accommodations to make sure I can stay real cold for the next few weeks. For me, a/c equals my lack of pain, that is not a dumb expression it is the obvious truth! It is not like I hate the outdoors, I just can’t stand being out there and I have to rely on AC.