Count on him for an air conditioner repair

 I am not the only provider in town to install and repair HVAC units, but most likely the best. My dad, Randy Jones, started his HVAC business as a young man with the slogan, “You Can Count on RAND 24/7 Honest and Reliable”. My mother joked it was as bad as living with a doctor, as people would call at all hours. My father never cared. As soon as I was old enough, I’d tag along to service heaters and air conditioning units, and by the time I graduated from high school, I was proficient in the business. Naturally, after my father retired, I would take the reigns. Fortunately my wife was understanding when I told her about the late night calls. She knew it was important to keep the tradition of the business, and very often, I’d find her in the kitchen when I got home at late hours, waiting with fresh brewed coffee. At times, you get lucky. Early one morning I received a desperate call from the grocery store. Their air conditioning wasn’t working. It was an especially scorching summer and before the sun was up I was already there, but it was complicated and when the store opened I was still trying to fix it, doing my best. What happened next was funny. A couple of customers in the store were shocked to see a pair of legs sticking out in the aisle and ran off. They both called the authorities, and half the town was curious about all the racket. The store owner certainly did not mind, as it was his best business day in a while!

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