Covering multiple topics

A few months ago, a television network executive contacted our advertising department. They were looking to find a host of a new DIY tv show about HVAC home repairs. They asked if they could interview a few people from our HVAC company. It was exciting for people to be interviewed, and we agreed to give them full access. After a few weeks of screening processes, I was chosen to be the host of the show. I have been working in the HVAC industry for about fifteen years, but I also have a degree in film studies. When I couldn’t find work as an actor, I had to find a more practical job. A friend of mine worked for a local HVAC company, and they offered to give me an apprenticeship. I never gave up on my dream, but I settled into my career as an HVAC technician. I never could have guessed this would finally be my way into television acting. We just started going over the procedures and scripts, but it looks like it will be an exciting series. We will be going over simple home HVAC repairs and maintenance. Every week, we will cover a different topic. Some of those topics include heater repairs, monthly maintenance tips, and A/C repairs. We will feature a different guest host on every episode. I’m really excited to have such a wonderful opportunity, and I am going to do my best to make it work. The show is going to be helpful and informative, so I hope everyone will tune in and watch.

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