Dad fixes A/C

When my adult daughter called me at one in the morning, my first reaction was fear. I thought something terrible must have happened. I quickly became relieved when I found out that it was just her air conditioner that had broken down. She asked if she could come over and crash on my couch because it was too hot to sleep at her house. Of course, I said yes. She arrived by the time I had bad up a bed for her on the couch. My husband said he would go take a look at her air conditioning in the morning and I sighed. He tries so hard, bless his heart, but he is not mechanically inclined at all. After a few hours of tinkering, we always just end up calling the professionals. I just knew that would be the case this time too but I didn’t want to argue. We all got a few hours of sleep and then, true to his work, my husband went with my daughter to look at her A/C. I came along too so I could try to convince him to call an HVAC supplier sooner rather than later. My daughter and I sat in her warm house chatting about this and that when suddenly the air conditioning kicked back on. We had only been there about 5 minutes so I thought it was a fluke. Then my husband came out and declared it was all fixed. It turned out that the thermostat just needed new batteries. That, he was capable of fixing. I told him he just got lucky.

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