Dealing with the youngsters

Trying to get the climate perfect throughout my entire big house was really and truly a huge ever so big task! The air conditioner would run always & struggle to meet the needs of that single room. The kitchens are usually slightly chilly. In order to be warm & cozy at evening, I’d need to turn up the temperature control & overheat the whole house.  Although the people I was with and I all have quite a few rooms we rarely use, I was forced to waste energy to maintain them at the perfect temperature. I finally did some research, consulted with a local Heating & A/C professional, & invested in major zone control. I really assumed this would be a gigantic, messy & expensive project, however it was fairly straight-forward. I now have temperature controls situated in each of the rooms with thermostats, and a central temperature control situated in the kitchen.  It is a smart system, which connects to the internet & allows myself and others to manage everything from my iphone or iPad. A series of valves were installed into the air duct which direct the air to the various rooms. This lets myself and others customize the temperature in each a single to save money & improve comfort. I really am over the moon about my smart thermostat and zone control! I really love it all today! And will continue to! It’s a miracle!

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