Debris gets in the a/c plan

We had a pretty tough hurricane season last year, and one incoming storm in particular dumped tons of rain and had pretty fierce winds, sure enough, the power lines near our house were damaged and the we lost power for a couple of days, I would not have minded that this happened so much, were it not for the fact that you evidently cannot have any a/c without power. I absolutely need to get wise like  our neighbors and invest in a generator for such times. Anyway, after a couple of days, the work crews were able to get out to the power lines and service them. We were all quite happy when the lights came back on. I fully expected to be able to crank up our a/c and get some cooling relief after threes days of covered in sweat, but unfortunately, me and my family came to find that the cooling system was not working near as well as it did before the storm. it seemed to have a very difficult time of it keeping our house cool, and I was pretty concerned. I had already had the necessary service done on our a/c unit well before Summer and the hurricanes arrived. Nevertheless, I decided that I needed to call out our go-to HVAC business, to examine the complication and determine a solution.The HVAC worker revealed something that I had not considered, then there was an extensive amount of debris blown into the a/c system outside unit, and it was all clogged up. The fan was not able to rotating properly, due to all of the gunk. The HVAC worker managed to clean it all off and to get the proposal working again. I’m honestly glad that is all it took!

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