Almost fixed our problems

For the longest time, my partner and I would complain about each other’s preferences when it came to what temperature to set on the thermostat! We assumed that this argument didn’t actually have a solution, but my partner swears I love it freezing and I swear that she likes it absurdly warm. It was all we could do to try and compromise on one particular temperature, however when we tried this, neither of us were actually satisfied. When our attention turned to getting our HVAC system repaired in the Spring, we decided to do some research to see if there was a solution to our problem with fighting over the thermostat. Apparently, we were paying absolutely no attention to the advances in HVAC technology of the past few years or more. I say that because we had no idea that such a thing as zone-controlled HVAC existed. As it turns out, you can put a thermostat in every room of your home, and certainly be able to set the temperature to whatever you please for that room. All that is required is for dampers to be installed in the ducts of each room, so that the airflow can be increased or restricted as needed, based on the temperature of the thermostat for that room. All of this time, we could have been enjoying our own system on the perfect temperature in our home and never end up bothering each other as a result. We do sleep in the same room but, and sometimes, I will admit that I creep away to the living room couch, where I can turn down the temperature and not think about the cooling system as I sleep!

ductless multi split