different HVAC needs

I hear a lot of old wives’ tales about opposite attract, but I’m not sure that was an adage that actually stuck with my parents.  My parents were very compatible in every way, except their need for heating. They decided early on in their marriage, that the simplest way to overcome their difference was to have their own area in which to escape.  Mom was someone who was always cold. She had her own little room where she could read, sew, or just relax. She also had a space heater to add some extra heat to the room for her. Dad was always tinkering in the garage.  He said he liked it out there, because there wasn’t any heat. He could be out there all winter long. As long as he had on his jacket, he was happy just playing in his garage. I swore I heard his air conditioner running on some of the warmer winter days.  As the years passed, they went from having their separate rooms all together, to getting Zone Control. This made it cheaper for them because they just adjusted the thermostat and they didn’t need extra space heaters or air conditioners. Even us kids could go to our rooms and have our own individual comfort zones, thanks to the Zone Control.  I guess mom and dad are okay at night. She keeps him cool and he keeps her warm. I hope I can find a wife who has the same likes as I do when it comes to thermostat settings. I would hate to have to confine myself to a different part of the house, just because we don’t like the same kind of heating and air conditioning.

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