Don’t forget about your options

Our family is easily skin sensitive. It is a genetic gene that the two of us all carry from birth. My mother had to deal with it her whole life. She was hoping that her children would not have to deal with it, but she tells us that she started to see the skin irritations start to occur the moment the two of us came beach condo from the hospital. There really isn’t a cure for it. There are ways the two of us can manage it, so it is not too painful, but not too much else can be done, then until one day, when mom decided to try a modern dermatologist. She was quite young, and she had a fresh take on these skin concerns. She asked us about our heating and A/C unit. I thought that was an unusual question at first; however, I told her it was a basic heating and cooling unit. She, then, asked myself and others about our maintenance plan. I told her that I was easily vigilant. I did guess that the air filter changes could slightly help with the skin irritations. I was getting a little miserable with all of the questions. This wasn’t my first rodeo. I have done all the research. I knew how to care for my children. The last question finally surprised me. She asked if I had the Pure Air Filter System. I had never heard of this modern air filtering unit. She told myself and others that was an amazing modern filter for pollen irritations, but more and more, people with skin concerns are seeing it to be beneficial. I was floored. Every one of us called our heating and cooling worker that easily day. Every one of us had the modern plan within a couple of nights, and to our great surprise, the two of us saw an improvement within a week! You are never too old to learn!

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