We could use a dishwasher

Last week when our youngest child was cleaning out the dishwasher, she yelled for me to come into the kitchen right away! I ran in there to see water seeping out all over the kitchen floor. To me, it seemed to be coming from under the big sink in the kitchen. So I proceeded to open the cabinet doors to take a look at the pipes beneath the sink. It turns out that one of the plumbing connectors that goes between the dishwasher and the plumbing drain under the sink had somehow cracked in half. So water was just oozing everywhere. I’m not sure how we’d missed seeing the problem, since it looked like the water had been sitting there under the pipes for a while! I personally hadn’t a clue what to do, since my handy husband was out of town for work and I am not exactly a do-it-yourself-er when it comes to household projects, especially ones pertaining to plumbing! Well, I decided that the best thing to do would be to call our local plumbing company. They were incredibly nice on the phone, promising to send someone right over. The plumber arrived at our home within a half hour of our call. Then he instantly figured out what the problem was with our dishwasher pipes. All he had to do was make a small repair, wipe up the bulk of the water, and finish the job in less than an hour or so. He even showed our child what he was doing as he fixed the pipes, plumbing connectors, and dishwasher. Our child professed to being interested in the plumbing repair process. After the plumber left, she said that she’d paid close attention so that next time it happens, she will be able to repair it herself which means I can pay her instead!

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