Don’t like our class HVAC

Schools now have biggers classrooms due to how several kids are there. The classrooms used to hold about 20 kids well enough but the administrator who deals class routes will entirely squeeze in another 10 in a room. These spaces only have a single air conditioning device too. It is not the kind that goes in the window at all. It really gets the job done when it comes to either A/C or heating amount. When you have 30 kids and the professor, the body temperature due to over overcrowding can cause a great deal of heat. The A/C works real well in a sense of pushing out cold air. However there are times that it just keeps on running due to the front and or back door being cracked. The door will be open due to a bathroom break, office or straightforward idea of a kid going to their next room, and unfortunately the instructors cannot mess with the settings as it is shut up tight. So there are times you will have to rest in a cold room and try and read. There are times it gets so bad it will be an easy 78 degrees out and the instructor will open up the door to let in the cool air. This happened as well with the oil furnace. The south does not get too chilly especially if your just walking to your next room. But the instructors cannot mess with the setting so the gas oil furnace will be on full blast and will literally make you die of heat.