Don’t neglect your filter

I made the huge mistake of choosing a geothermal heat pump for my home. I was sold when I read online that the heat pump has both heating plus cooling functions. It pumps the heated air either inside or outside. It is a cleaner and more effective way to have temperature control in one’s home. In a few weeks, I was told the heat pump would pay for itself through savings in bills. This info hooked me on this HVAC system even more. Well, I don’t know about that now, because the installation costs are astronomical. Your normal heat pump plan is set up in the home then connected to other equipment in the yard. Since I fancied a geothermal option, the Heating & A/C device was installed under my lawn. I first had to hire a company to dig up my front lawn. The hole they made was too big for just a bit of Heating & A/C equipment. The outdoor Heating & A/C component then was successfully buried. Then, I had to hire a new Heating & A/C provider that would connect the outdoor equipment to the equipment inside. I also had to invest in a temperature control for the new heat pump equipment. All of the upgrade fees were very costly. It was much more than I ever thought it could be. I don’t understand how this Heating & A/C unit is going to end up saving myself and others money. How could a heat pump ever save that much on my bills? I guess it will take a few years to see that investment again. The heat pump better be efficient now that it’s installed, or I won’t be too happy.

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