I wouldn’t even know what to do

Marty plus I had our first date in the middle of Winter. Marty and I both really like the cold weather plus the ice a bunch! The only problem is that celebrating our first date can periodically be a little hard to deal with. When there’s a blizzard or the temperatures outside dip below 10 degrees on our first date holiday, the last thing Marty and I want to do is go outside or go out to dinner, but for the past few years, Marty and I ended up staying at the house plus enjoying the warmth of our brand new gas furnace plus wood fireplace. This time though, I had large plans to go to a new Greek diner in town because it was our 5 first date year plus Greek food is our number one thing to eat on a date. The day of our first date, however, there was a large blizzard plus it was just 3 degrees outside that night. I told my man Marty that the two of us were going to go even with it being cold. Marty seemed worried to go outside plus I was nervous that I was going to ruin the day by making my man go outside in the cold, however Marty and I somehow made it to the dinner. When the two of us got inside, the two of us were real surprised to feel the nice warm air. The dinner place had their gas furnace on full blast plus it was super cozy plus warm. Marty and I sat in the corner of the diner plus got a full course meal.

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