Don’t wanna leave the heater use

I most of the time sleep later in the Wintertime. In the Summer, I can see the sun blasting in our front window. I get up early because I want to get outside and do some outside work. I hurry through my online work, do a quick work out and instantly get out there. I usually get up around 9 in the AM to beat the heat as well. In the Wintertime, I am lucky to get up earlier than noon. I have no motivation. It is grey, snowy and wet outside. I don’t want to go outside in the cold anymore, and all I need to do is work my home job and work out; No pressure to get up, I have all day… My place is 2 floors, then each floor has a furnace system; The downstairs has a gas fireplace and the upstairs has an electric heater. The electric furnace is way better at providing heat though. The upstairs gets nice and warm in the day. I also have heated blankets, a heated mattress pad and a little space heater in our room just in case. Waking up on a cold Wintertime day is not so bad in that situation. I am so warm and snuggle with the quality heating equipment. Why would I ever want to leave that warm nest? I constantly think about how cold it is going to be downstairs and there is no reason to get up! Since I do this all Wintertime long, I hardly get anything done for the season. I actually should have been born a bird and hibernate all Wintertime long.

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