no a/c and power

Me and my guy James  recently moved down south, we heard all about the immense southern storms! People stock up on hurricane supplies; Me and my guy did not do any of this, however me and my guy figured that southern people are weak, then they constantly act like their Winter seasons are frigid or their Summers are so hot. The Winter seasons are mild as well as the southern heat rocks, and why would the storms be any different? Me and James ended up totally unprepared for the harsh amounts of water. The power was knocked out for over a week. We also had no emergency bottled water or food that did not spoil, but also, since there was no power, we had no air conditioning system. Most homes have generators that they hook up their A/C unit to. This way nobody has to go without cooling while in the hottest time of the year. Me and James had no generator. We then tried to get water plus a generator. The stores were outdated sold out since people before the storm obtained those items. We both had to check into a hotel while in the power outage, however it was extravagant priced and all around a horrible experience. I suppose going without cooling was the worst. Both of us were able to get water & food in other locations, and not having any sort of AC, unless we both were at the hotel, was the worst. The first thing me and James did after the storm season was get a generator. Next time the hurricane season comes around, me and James will have our generator locked n loaded. Both of us need A/C at all times.

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