Drainage pipes

My husband Ben recently sold his business and came into a bunch of money. Ben and I decided the best way to enjoy his early retirement is to move somewhere better. Ben and I picked this surprisingly cheap house right near the beach. We can literally walk outside and go to the sand. The ocean is seen right from our bedroom window. The place needed to be fixed up, but we had the money for that. After all the time, effort and money was wasted, Ben and I realized we had a big problem. The reason the beach house was so cheap was because of the low water supply. Pumping water into the house is difficult. Yes, we are right near the ocean, but the water is full of salt. The salt would ruin all of our plumbing fixtures. The items would rust, stain and not be able to be used. Also we could not cook with that water easily. The clean water we have access to is not enough. Ben and are now forced to spend more money on a plumbing system. In order to utilize the ocean water, Ben and I need to install a reverse osmosis system. We need a device that pumps the ocean water into a filter, the filter cleans out the debris and salt, and then transfer it to our water heater. We then would have clean, endless water. Reverse osmosis is super expensive, and we are getting low on cash. But, we have to have water in our new place. Looks like Ben will be going back to work after all.

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