We’re putting a new toilet in

Various years ago, the people I was with plus myself wanted to remodel the bathroom in our master bedroom. The project was honestly Koski, plus required the use of multiple licensed plumbers. The people I was with plus myself happened to honestly pay for the license plumber + many of the supplies + fixtures. There was a small fortune of money spent on new shower faucets plus a new shower head. When our bathroom have been complete, the people I was with plus myself were stunned by the beautiful results. All things in our modern birthday were in perfect condition, plus shiny plus clean. It took the people I was with plus myself many weeks to realize there had been some small errors from the plumbing contractor. The tub insert was not properly installed, so there is a small drip of water constantly leaking between our bathroom fitting plus the wall. The people I was with plus myself can hear that drip behind the wall every single time we take a shower, so the people plus myself are very worried about mold growing in the wall behind our tub insert. The people I was with plus myself are honestly worried about the moisture rotting out our floor or rotting out the entire roof area. Our tub has been draining slowly also, so I’m worried there might be some type of clog in our lines. It seems that our plumbing contractor purchased some of the cheapest plumbing parts available, because none of those parts are going to last very long. Some of them already have rust spots from water.

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