Ductwork helps a lot

For the last five years, I have worked as a receptionist at an HVAC dealership.  I am quite content with my job. The hours and pay are both decent, and I like the people that I work with.  My responsibilities include scheduling and dispatching, answering the phone, and keeping up with inventory. Since customers are seldom at the actual office, my workspace is not the greatest.  The building tends to get neglected, and it takes forever for repairs and updates to be completed. One of my biggest complaints is with the HVAC system. It seems ridiculous that I work for an HVAC contractor, and yet the heating and cooling equipment is positively ancient and in terrible condition.  There never seems to be time for the HVAC technicians to provide seasonal maintenance. Because of this, the equipment is clogged with dust and debris, corroded, and inefficient. In the winter, I need to bundle in a sweater at work, because the furnace provides very little heat. It also fills the office with the smell of burnt hair and makes a horrendous grinding sound.  In the summer, I run several box fans because the air conditioner can’t keep up with the heat and humidity. There is often condensation running down the windows, and I worry about mold growth. Plus, the air conditioner continually leaks water and creates a puddle on the floor. I think that the only way I’m going to get the HVAC unit professionally serviced is if I schedule an appointment.  I am hoping that the heating and cooling systems will quit completely, and my boss will be forced to install a modern system.

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