This medication helps me out

I am a fifty-five years old, and I am starting to go through menopause. At different times in the day, I get super overheated. It happens out of the blue, and I simply start to sweat. It only lasts for a few minutes most of the time, but by then my clothes and hair are soaked. It happens most often during the nighttime. I always have to put on more blankets, or take them off. I switch between huddling in the blankets, and throwing all of the blankets off. I have looked into all types of medication to help cure my signs, but they all have bad side-effects. My father suggested that I have a ductless heat pump attached to the wall in my bedroom. It has been a great purchase, and in the long run will for sure be more beneficial than any medicine. The heat pump offers both heating and cooling capability, and it operates on a smart thermostat. While lying asleep, I can switch between air conditioning and heating very quickly with the touch of a button. I often raise or lower the temperature without even moving, and the heat pump is good enough to quickly switch to the desired room temperature. The ductless warm pump is really compact. The indoor unit measures in at about seven inches deep, plus it’s mounted right on the wall. It connects to my outdoor HVAC unit through a three-inch hole in the wall by my bed. My HVAC contractor was in a position to install the heat pump in a single day, and there was zero mess or major renovation needed. Now, I can adjust the temperature inside my bedroom without bothering the entire household. Because of the ductless temperatures pump, I sleep much better now.

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