Endless disruption

The two of us certainly love being able to work from our apartment. About six months ago, the two of us were working in an office in addition to having a pretty bad time. The two of us have a hard time working in a group of hundreds of individuals, in addition to the fact that the indoor air quality in the office didn’t make anything better. My desk was underneath one of the air vents, in addition to the fact that the dirty are constantly caused me to sneeze. When the boss popped into our office last year, he wanted to get a couple of people to start working from a remote home location. The two of us knew this was our opportunity to stay in our apartment in addition to complete our work from home. The two of us adore being able to set our own thermostat. The two of us have a nice A/C ventilation, in addition to furnace for our apartment. The two of us work much more efficiently in our apartment, then we ever did when we were in an office. Some of that is due to the lack of people to disrupt flow, in addition to the fact that some of this is certainly due to being able to be comfortable all day. If I feel too cold, I can adjust the thermostat for our A/C, ventilation, in addition to furnace. The same can be said if the two of us are too warm. The two of us had no control over the indoor air quality in our office, in addition to the fact that that has certainly changed after we decided to start working in our own place.

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