Smart thermostat makes it easier for my mom to adjust temperature –

My mother suffers from a variety of severe medical conditions, which make it very difficult for her to get around.  She just recently moved into my home with me. This has worked out really well for both us. She helps me out with expenses and keeps me company.  I make sure she is well taken care of and keep up with her medical needs. My biggest concern was leaving my mom home alone while I’m at work during the week.  Although I always made sure there was plenty of snacks, bottled water, and a phone within reach, I worried about her getting up to access the thermostat. Due to my mom’s condition, her body temperature tends to fluctuate.  She can switch from shivering uncontrollable to sweating profusely within minutes. With a single thermostat, located in the kitchen, it was nearly impossible for her to reach it. I mentioned this problem to an HVAC contractor when he was providing maintenance for the furnace.  He recommended that I upgrade to a smart thermostat. The smart thermostat connects to the home’s wifi and allows access through a smartphone, laptop or tablet. My mother can now make changes to settings without ever getting out of bed. Plus, the thermostat tracks our typical energy usage and provides tips to help save money.  Sensors in the various rooms indicate occupancy, and the thermostat adjusts operation accordingly. It alerts me when I need to replace air filters or schedule professional maintenance. The smart thermostat is so much more convenient and has made me feel better about leaving my mom alone.

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