Extra Summer

Just when I thought the summer was over and the hot temperatures outside were going to start cooling off, we had another heat wave! I don’t understand the climate control of Mother Nature in our part of the country. It gets really hot in the summer, with temperatures that reach into the 90s, but usually it’s started cooling off by now. We had one week where the weather was nice and it felt like the fall was finally going to start. I was excited because after months of running the air conditioning and paying all kinds of energy bills for the A/C, I finally was able to turn the thermostat off and open up our windows. The breeze and the cool air was so nice, at least for the week that we had it! Then, unfortunately, it started to heat up once again and now we are having temperatures that are way back up in the 80s! And you guessed it, I am one of those people who just can’t live without my air conditioning. So I had to go around and close up all the windows and yet again set my thermostat to start cooling off the house again. At least the indoor air quality smells and feels better inside of my house now that I’ve had the windows open for a week to air the place out. I’m hoping that in another week or two, I can turn the A/C off for good and let my HVAC system rest for a while before I have to turn the furnace on for the winter!

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