That was a way to cool things down

During the summer, we usually attend a soccer camp to get ready for the upcoming college soccer season. It’s a good way to get back in playing shape before the school year starts again, especially after taking the early part of the summer off for vacations and whatnot. This year the outside temperatures were in the mid-nineties, so we were taking frequent breaks to get water and cool off for a few minutes. The soccer camp was sponsored by the school, so they rented these large portable air conditioning units to set up by the benches, and there were shade stands set up as well. After practice, we all would meet up in the locker room and cool off. This was a good chance not only to cool down in the air conditioning, but to go over our drills and discuss our playing with the coaches and staff. There was a notable difference in the temperature in the locker room from last year, it was much cooler in there now. The strength and conditioning coach on staff was telling me about all the changes they had made to the facility, and installing a new HVAC system in the locker room areas was one of those. The new system also helped remove humidity from the air, so the cool air coming out of the overhead vents was nice and comfortable, not cold and clammy. It sure makes a big difference in comfort to have a nice facility to practice at, helping to keep us cool on the field and in the locker room.

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