Fireplaces in the castle


                    Have any of you ever had the chance to go inside a castle?  I’m not talking about a modern castle, but one from the medieval times.  I have & it gave me a newfound appreciation for the people who lived back then.  It was still fall when I had the chance to go into a castle, but it was so cold & drafty.  I can’t imagine how cold it must have been during the winter. I know they had the windows placing away from the wind, but it still had to be cold.  The windows were turrets & they were open. There was nothing to keep the north winds out of the building.

                I saw a lot of fireplaces in the castle..  There was a fireplace in every room & I’m sure that is the reason they had bed warmers.  Most people have no idea of what bed warmers were. They were small pans that opened up. Inside the pan, they placed sizzling coals from the fireplace.  These embers would help to heat the bed before the owner got in & it would help them to stay warm through the night. To me, a bed warmer is like a space oil furnace that goes between the sheets.  Their beds were entirely straw or hay.

               That must have been extremely dangerous & it makes me wonder how many people were burnt that way.   The castle was amazing to walk through & to see the way people lived back then. I’m glad I don’t live like that now.  I prefer the new life with glass in the windows, insulation, & a thermostat that controls the Heating & Air Conditioning system.