Fixing a problem

I have a habit of speaking my mind.  A friend of mine gave me this small plaque that says, ‘Just because you think it, doesn’t mean you should say it.’   I really love that plaque and I wish I read it more often. I tend to put people off sometimes, because I don’t think before I talk.  I was talking to a gentleman at one of my husband;s meetings, who was telling me all about his HVAC system. He bragged about what he did to make it work.  That poor AC unit was about twenty years old and to hear him talk about it, he had revived it from the dead. He thought of himself as ‘a modern day AC Lazarus’, as he put it.  I told him I thought he was full of himself. I hadn’t told him they my husband was a HVAC contractor, and my son worked with him. He kept asking me if I knew about coolants, if I knew about freon, and if I knew what a condenser was?  I just looked at him and I said that I bet he was going to tell me. He didn’t understand what sarcasm was, either, because he proceeded to tell me what they were. When he tried to tell me what a heat pump was and how it worked, I had to stop him.  I couldn’t believe this man thought he knew anything. I told him that a heat pump is based on compression and expansion of a working fluid, or so called ‘refrigerant’.  He didn’t talk to me anymore that evening, and that was fine with me.

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