Best job ever thanks to quality cooling

Life is an over-the-road trucker can be a lot of fun even though it is a lot of work. You get to see the countryside and enjoy quiet time away from people. For people like myself this is perfect and owning my own truck makes it all the better. I have it fully customized to my liking and as long as I maintain it is extremely comfortable. It has a sleeper cab so I don’t even have to stay in cheap hotels while I’m traveling which makes it really nice. You may wonder what I do when it is the dead of winter or the heat of summer, but this is where having a quality HVAC unit on board makes all the difference. I can deliver loads way up north in January and still asleep in my truck comfortably thanks to the heating system. ¬†Likewise, I can travel through the desert regions in the middle of July, where the outside temperature is well over a hundred, and still sleep like a baby with my air conditioning on. At times the hours are long and I have deadlines to meet but I don’t mind at all as long as I’m comfortable. I only had my HVAC unit break down once and that’s all it took because now I am very diligent about making sure it is checked on a monthly basis. My truck is my home so I take care of it just as you would your own HVAC system and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is not a life for everyone but if you have a personality similar to mine you might want to consider it.

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