Found a nice HVAC business

Lately, I have not been very happy with our heating and air conditioning company.  They don’t seem to care about their customers. Last week, we had one HVAC tech who came to do the servicing on our furnace.  I knew that he was drunk even though he denied it. He was weaving as he came to the house, and even before he got onto our porch, I could smell the alcohol.  I wouldn’t let him into the house and I called his supervisor. The man I talked to didn’t seem very concerned. He told me that the man was a professional. That was when I told him I would be looking for a new HVAC company to handle my heating and air conditioning needs.  I started looking online for a new heating and air conditioning company. I was looking at reviews when I thought to check the reviews on my old HVAC company. I couldn’t believe how many complaints were logged there. I saw few good reviews and most the reviews matched my complaints.  I did find one company that I really liked the sounds of. I called the company and I was greeted by a receptionist who seemed glad to have received my call. She told me that they offered a free in home consultation for first time customers. I set up the appointment. When the HVAC specialist arrived, he asked our concerned and answered our questions.  Before he left we had signed up for the HVAC maintenance program offered by their company. I am glad we made the decision to switch companies.

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