DIY attempt on the HVAC

Since I wasn’t working anyway, I figured I may as well go to school and secure a job for myself.  This idea came about when my wife was away on a business trip. I love to tinker and she worries that I am going to totally destroy something, one of these days, and not be able to fix it again.  Right after she went away, our air conditioning broke. I didn’t tell her about the AC, because I was pretty sure I could fix it. The internet will give you the know-how in fixing anything. I found several videos and I went to work on our air conditioning unit.  I had all of my tools and my new found knowledge with me. After two hours, I didn’t think I was any closer to fixing the air conditioner, than I was when I started. I called the HVAC company and I asked for their help. When the HVAC technician arrived, I found out that I knew him from school.  It only took him about half an hour to finish the job I started. He told me I had done a great job with the air conditioning, considering the tools I had. He said it was the tools that had kept me from completing the job. He asked if I ever considered going to school for HVAC repair. I hadn’t but I found the notion quite interesting.  He told me that if I could get so close to finishing the repair, then I should learn how to do the entire job. He also told me that I would be able to make some really good money. I had already enrolled by the time my wife got back home.