From walk in freezer to sweat box

Everyone at work jokes that they want my job now that the heatwave is back, but honestly its a nightmare when the weather gets this crazy. I work retail at store that does both grocery and clothing. The two have to be kept very separate from one another; different storage areas, different departments, and they’re stocked on opposite ends of the store. My job is to push frozen market products specifically. A huge part of this that most folks don’t think about is backstocking–that’s when I have to stay in the freezer to put back the products that don’t fit on the shelf. In order to work in here, I dress like I’m going snowboarding–winter overalls, gloves, and even a hat. It’s everyone’s dream, because the rest of the backroom storage doesn’t have any heating and air conditioning at all. That means we’re sweating back here in summer, and freezing in the winter. The stores says its to save money, but is it if the products go bad? I have to race to get my carts back in the freezer before anything starts to melt because there is no air conditioning to keep the back room a reasonable temperature. To be honest, I hate working in the freezer when it’s this hot. The sharp difference between the below freezing temperatures and the sweltering hot back room with its no air conditioning makes me feel gross. I always feel tired, as it takes a lot of work for the human body to retain a constant core temperature from one environment to the next. I’m getting sick a lot too, all because my company is stingy about HVAC systems.

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