Funeral arrangements

When my Uncle Roy died, my wife and I decided to attend the funeral. My mom was always close with her brother, and we wanted to be there to help with the arrangements. My wife and I decided to stay with my mom, so we could be there to help with all of the funeral preparations. When we arrived in town, we went right to my mom’s house. I didn’t think my mom would have a house full of people, and we were both tired from a long drive. My mom met us at the door, and the house was full. There were dozens of people that I didn’t know, so my wife and I decided to go to a hotel for the night. My mom wasn’t very happy, but we needed to get a good night of rest. I promised my mom that we would come back the next day. There were a lot of people in town for the funeral, so my wife and I had a difficult time finding a room for the night. There’s only a couple of small hotels in the area, and there was also a motorcycle rally that weekend. We ended up in a run-down Motel, where the furnace howled all night long. At least the room was warm, but the furnace was louder than the motorcycles outside. We hardly got a wink of rest, because the furnace was clunking and screeching all night. When we drove to my Mom’s the next morning, she said we looked horrible. I told her about the furnace, and she said we should have stayed there.

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