Fixing the dust

Dusting is my least favorite household chore. I could spend all day washing, folding, and putting away laundry. I don’t mind washing or drying the dishes either. The one thing I detest, is having to dust all of the knickknacks and electronic surfaces in my home. My husband has a collection of small nick-nacks, and it takes half the day to clean them free of dust. It seems like I can dust the television, PlayStation, and Blu-ray player everyday, and they still have an inch of dust the next morning. I was complaining to my husband about all of the dusting, and he suggested that we might have a problem with our ventilation system. I didn’t suspect the ventilation system at first, but it made sense the more that I thought about it. Most of the dusty surfaces are located under our air vents. My computer desk, for instance, is always covered in dust. There is a ventilation duct directly above the desk. The TV and PlayStation are constantly covered in dust, and there are actually two air vents above the television entertainment center. It all made sense, so I decided it was time to contact a ventilation and air quality specialist. I contacted my local HVAC provider, and they recommended having a cleaning service performed on the entire air cleaning system. They suggested sanitizing all of the air ductwork, and sealing the holes and gaps. I hope this will work, because an air purifier would be expensive to install. The next step is changing the entire HVAC system to a ductless unit.

HVAC cleaning