Garage sale

I hate to admit it, but I might be an emotional hoarder. I just have an issue with becoming attached to random things, and then I don’t know how to ever let them go. That means I accumulate a lot of junk with only sentimental value and stash it away in my home… well… forever. It’s never my intention to do this when I find a funny knick knack at the thrift store, save a ticket stub from a concert that I really enjoyed, or hide away weird mementos from dates with my partner. But that’s exactly what happens. As such, I have a home filled with things I don’t need and no one else really wants. That’s why I decided once and for all to do better – and scheduled myself a little garage sale. The only thing was, I did not consider the time of year when planning my big junk sale. I didn’t even consider the fact that the middle of July is a pretty hot and humid time to be hanging out in a garage all day long without ventilation. I didn’t stop for a single moment to realize that the semi-tropical warmth and moisture might actually damage all the crap I was trying to get rid of. I wound up spending three days sitting in a stagnant, hot, and smelly garage by myself, desperately fanning myself for a semblance of ventilation. I had only three visitors, and they made exactly zero purchases. Now all I have is heatstroke, a garage full of junk, and days of moving all my belongings back into the house.

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