One vent …. No waiting

Houses which are chopped up into apartments can really be weird.  Randomly adding interior walls makes for strange looking rooms. Recently, I had to move into a big old house which has been carved up in very odd ways to provide apartment living space.  My tiny kitchen area is directly next to my toilet and shower. The entryway door is directly between knee height windows. I’m not too jangled by all the weird parameters of my apartment because the price is certainly right.  However, I have a real problem with the HVAC output. I live in the North and the winter is no joke here. The heat for the entire house is provided by a gas furnace. One temperature setting what the house has to live with. Our landlord has the thermostat under lock and key.  This wouldn’t necessarily be all that awful but I only have one air delivery vent in my room. And, of course that vent is directly over the toilet. I can’t catch a break. The people in the other four apartments called a “tenants only” meeting. It was clear we were all suffering.  Some apartments were far too hot while others shared my freezing experience. All of us decided together to send the landlord a letter requesting an HVAC overhaul. There were only two suggestions. Either re-route the entire ductwork system for an equitable airflow or provide a different HVAC system.  The house suggested installing a multi split system which would give each small apartment their own thermostat. I have a feeling the landlord will simply ignore the letter. So, we are all committed to giving him a month to address the HVAC situation or we will all walk out.

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