Garbage disposal issues

For the first time ever in my life, I own a garbage disposal. Since I did not grow up with a disposal, I did not actually realize what can as well as cannot go down it. I found it exciting seeing how large or oddly shaped the item can be that goes down the drain. I started out with merely old veggies as well as fruits. I then moved onto throwing out old pastas as well as meats that I did not eat. I then started pouring grease from my dishes down the drains. I know the grease is what likely jammed the drain or ruined the disposal. I am still not entirely sure what exactly is the problem… All I know for certain is that the drainage with my plumbing is entirely sad. I called a nearby plumbing company to come in as well as assess the complication. I am hoping they can fix my issue. I am also hopeful it is just the piping. I would cheerfully pay for the plumber to plunge as well as perform some sort of drain cleaning. I would even pay happily for all new piping repair… What I don’t want to hear is that I lost my garbage disposal entirely. I have gotten too dependent on the little device. It is used often as well as I have hardly any garbage anymore. Since a disposal is more complex than piping, I am thinking this plumbing service will be more. I will definitely pay it if it comes to it. I will even get a brand new garbage disposal if need be, but no matter what though, I will do some research on what can as well as can’t go down my drains.