Can’t play piano with no a/c

I used to like playing our upright piano more than any other hobby! I would play for hours on end sometimes, and just lose myself in the songs as I would jam out in our house! Sadly, all good things come to an end eventually. I came home this week to a house with a broken a/c. Even though it was unknown to me at the time, the a/c equipment had been showing signs of decay for weeks. However, I was ignoring those signs, but as a result, it cost me my most prized possession! The intense heat plus excessive humidity inside our apartment caused the woodwork of our piano to warp. This didn’t happen in a day, apparently. But I work as a traveling salesman though, and so I wasn’t there for days at a time. The a/c program had been broken for almost a week by the time I got home! I worked with a local heating, ventilation plus a/c repair contractor to repair the broken down a/c unit. But they said it would be weeks before our indoor air conditions was restored. I was so angry with myself for not noticing the signs! The Heating plus A/C repair professional walked me through the tell-tale signs of an imminent breakdown, plus I observed every single one weeks in advance! If only I had paid better attention! Not only did I need to pay a hefty sum to repair our a/c, but I have no clue if our piano can be restored! What a bad week!