Gas boilers are just brilliant

After growing up and dealing with the increasingly high prices of oil as a kid, I vowed to never live anywhere with oil heating. I can deal with no dishwasher, I can handle no closets, I can’t even cope with weird floors, but I will not put up with crappy heating. I live in the northeast, and here winter is a problem for more than half of the year. That means you’re going to be living by that central heating system for more than six months, so it had better work and it needs to not cost you a fortune. Well, I couldn’t have felt luckier when I signed the lease on my first apartment. Sure, there was no dishwasher, and the living room carpet was dubious at best, but the place had its own porch, a great bath tub, and gas heating. Instead of a furnace or some kind of forced hot air situation, the place has these great old radiators which heat each room of the house. They let off steam every so often, so the noise takes some getting used to. But I find the noises to be very comforting, the hissing and occasional clang means its there and its working for me. Plus, unlike oil, I never have to worry about dealing with a big bill for ordering more oil. Instead, the city constantly supplies me the oil, so I just pay a small amount for the gas I use each month, same as I do for electricity. And unlike oil, that price doesn’t fluctuate constantly due to market prices or a hurricane taking out a ton of oil refineries in the south again. With gas heating from my awesome boiler, I have a reliable form of central heating that always works and does so on a great budget. When I move, the next place will have to have a gas boiler.

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