Key to servers is the right climate control

When I took on this job, I guess I had no idea what I was getting into. I thought I was being brought on to keep up with the security of the company via proper protocols and digital maintenance to insure that all viruses and hacks were being kept at bay in every possible manner. However, on my first week I’ve ended up spending up more time in this server room than at my own desk. Instead of running system maintenance and testing firewalls, I’ve been in this hot and sweaty room all week trying to figure out how to keep the servers working their best. My company’s owner seems to think that it’s the fault of the equipment and that it needs to either be replaced or repaired. This, he seems to think, is why the room is so hot. But that’s not it at all. Before, they had awful servers, which were doing so little the small server room was a perfectly normal temperature. Now he has awesome servers doing all the heavy lifting that they should be, which creates the heat. I’m having to write a report which states that we need to either update or change our HVAC system in order to accomodate the server room. At the very least, they need to an HVAC zone control just for the server room, an an air purification system to help control dust and debris would also be a great idea. The HVAC zone control needs to put that room to the subzero temperatures of AC needed to keep it cool even while the servers are running at the max setting.

HVAC repair