Getting a better a/c unit

My best pal and I have been sharing a property for a few years. My best pal and I have known each other since elementary school. We have been friends for a very long time, however when Toby advocated getting a place together, I was a little skeptical. Toby is a superb guy, even though he appreciates to spend money a little too much. Toby spends a lot of time at the poker room, and I was distraught he would not pay rent on time. Toby assured me that everything would work out. The two of us found a 2-bedroom property, a few miles away from our tasks. Toby and I have never paid the rent late, during the years we have lived in this property. Everything was going great, until early last week. Toby and I were experiencing complications with our air conditioning equipment. The air conditioning unit is a window type, with heating and cooling capability. Our property was not equipped with central air, so I picked up a window air conditioning unit from a pawn shop. That was several years ago. When the air conditioning equipment started to go, I asked Toby to help purchase an up-to-date air conditioning unit. Toby thought I would buy an up-to-date air conditioning unit! I didn’t have the money to simply purchase an up-to-date air conditioning unit by myself. Toby has been hemming and hawing about paying half of the bill, although I think that is reasonable. The two of us found a few air conditioning units on Craigslist, and they will not cost too much money. I hope Toby will come to his senses soon, because I hate arguing with my best pal.

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