HVAC is all blocked up

My neighbor’s yard & my yard totally back up to each other. Our garages are very close in proximity as well. The properties in this neighborhood are too close for comfort to be honest. Last weekend, I had the garage side open. I was working on the air conditioning equipment. The property did not feel cool as it should have been, & I was checking on all of the basic air conditioning system troubleshooting areas. I easily dropped the hammer on my foot & cursed & screamed out loud. The neighbor was gardening in the front yard & heard me scream really loud. He came right over to offer some help. I apologized for screaming & cursing, & explained my clumsy hammer experience. The neighbor asked if I was having problems with the air conditioning equipment. I explained exactly what was going on, & the neighbor provided a few suggestions. I was rather shocked the neighbor knew all about air conditioning equipment repairs. I see him leave for his place of work every day in hospital scrubs. I consistently assumed he was a dentist or medical professional. The neighbor & I talked for a long period of time. While he was going to medical school, he worked in a Heating & Air Conditioning equipment repair shop. His best friend’s dad owned the Heating & Air Conditioning equipment business, & provided him a part-time job while he was in medical school… My neighbor & I have been living next to each other for a little over 3 years. We truly never had a conversation together, until now. We actually spent an hour talking about Heating & Air Conditioning equipment repair & other topics. The guy seems to be quite interesting & helpful, & the two of us have many things in common. He is going to come over & watch football next weekend.