Getting colder

Last night was the biggest and brightest full moon to occur on a Monday the 13th, the moon was large & round, & it was so large it looked close enough to touch. My wife & I saw the sunset over the trees! When the moon was Rising, it looked humongous & menacing in the sky‚Ķ All of us then discovered icy cold temperatures, it seems the full moon has also brought Winter with it. The temperature on the thermometer was 36 degrees this day. All of us have not even gotten around to servicing our heating unit yet. All of us do not usually service the heating unit until close to Christmas. All of us hardly ever see such cold temperatures in the middle of October. My wife & I will usually plan ahead to have the heating unit serviced, but I guess now is the time; Our heating unit receives a tune-up & service once each year. It’s a great way to make sure that our Heating system is up to winter standards. Our local Heating and A/C provider charges a rather insignificant charge to tune up the heating unit. The tune up covers every section of the HVAC system. The Heating and A/C service crew checks the heat pump 4 concerns. They also make sure our air quality components are up to speed. They checked the HVAC duct to make sure all moving parts are secure & in place. They check the heat pump to make sure it will run efficiently even in weather extremes. They also chat all of our electrical connections. The heating system tune-up generally takes about 4 or 5 hours. Once the service is complete, all of us rarely have any difficulties whatsoever with the heating unit all year.

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