Getting more out of the heater

Winter can be very long and boring around our area.  You really can’t go anywhere because of all of the ice and snow.  I came up with a fun and exciting way to perk up the winter. Now, I wouldn’t recommend this tactic for everyone, but if you have a hot wife like I have, then it is a great idea.  We have decided to have a naked day, once a week. For the entire day, you shed all of your outer layers and it is just two bodies doing their chores. Naturally we need to turn up the thermostat so that it is warm enough to have naked day.  It probably ups the energy bill a bit, but we don’t care. We did a lot of giggling at first, but now, it is just fun. It’s amazing how much interesting and compromising situations come up during the day. We don’t seem to do nearly as much arguing on naked day.  We do a lot of cuddling and we get some work done around the house. It is a fun and lighthearted way to spend a boring day. My wife was pulling down all of the shades and pushing the curtains together tightly. I was upping the thermostat and waiting to hear the furnace running wild.  Now, we just relax, turn up the thermostat a bit, and go about our daily chores. It is fun, exhilarating, and even if we do spend more on our energy bills for those couple days a month, who cares. We are enjoying every moment of it.