A good taste in a/c

It isn’t too long ago that I hated the taste of coffee.  My dad would laugh and tell me that I would get used it. He said it was an acquired taste.  I guess he meant that it would take a long time to convince your brain that it really wasn’t so gross.  After a couple of years, I began to not really like the taste of coffee, but I loved how it smelled. It was sort of like beer for me.  I had a beer once in a while, but I can’t say I ever really liked it. It just helped me to relax. Coffee however, wakes me up and gives me a burst of energy to start my day.  I know it will sound wacky, but I compare drinking coffee to having air conditioning. I don’t really like how the house feels when I have the air conditioning on. It always feels a bit sticky and almost humid.  When my central air conditioning broke, I was loathe to have it fixed. I had to admit that after a long day at work, it felt good to come home and sit in front of the air vents and take a nap. Other than, I was willing to give up the air conditioning.  When I thought about my after work nap, I knew I was going to get an air conditioning unit, but I opted for a window air conditioning unit instead of central AC. I come home and turn on the air conditioner. When my nap is over, I turn off the AC and I am ready to finish my day.