Getting our smaller cooling units

It was a horrible morning when we learned that the cooling system broken down. There was honestly no hope for us because we had to wait a whole month to get an HVAC specialist to our household. There were no window cooling a/c units or portable a/c units at the stores because everything was pretty much sold out everywhere! HVAC specialists were running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to help people out all around the area. It was no wonder we couldn’t get an appointment for a whole week. All we could do was set up stationary fans around the house and wear wet towels on our heads in a desperate attempt to keep cool! We would also go swimming frequently and the two of us went out to eat at places that had now working a/c, then most of the places in the area didn’t have any problems with their cooling systems, except for one buffet that was having trouble, but the we didn’t go to eat there. The two of us even went to the movie theatres a few times which we loved because they liked to blast their a/c systems like crazy! It was never fun to be back home though for truly long because all we could do was keep the windows opened and the fans running non-stop. I couldn’t tell you how thankful everybody was when we finally had an HVAC repair worker over to our place to finally repair our cooling system! Everybody was finally able to adjust back to normal life, and everybody was comfortable!

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