Getting the a/c cared for

When I was on the road with some buddies of mine, we were having a pretty nice time, and we were visiting all these unique  endpoints like battlefields, and many historic places of interest. We even went to Mt. Rushmore! It was cool studying the historic facts of many sites and going to visit the gift shops. I always enjoyed most of the shops at many places with the excellent A/C systems most of them had. I suppose places figure that expect a great deal of tourism so they make sure to keep up with their HVAC systems. It would be devastating for corporation if their sites weren’t so comfortable for all the tourists that come through on a regular basis. Well, along the way, I insisted on driving the car. While my friend liked me driving so he could get some rest on the next long haul to our upcoming endpoint, I truthfully just wanted to control the stereo and the weather conditions control system! It basically became a rule while we were driving that the driver would control the weather conditions control system. This was because all consideration must be given to the driver who is in charge of keeping everybody alive! If the driver is not comfortable and becomes tired because it’s overheated in the vehicle or something like that, after that I all agree it’s not worth the risk. That’s why the driver makes the rules when it comes to this, including what songs the people I was with and I listen to! Hey, when one of our buddies steps up and wants to drive, I’ll be just fine with handing over the control of these things.

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