Getting regular HVAC service

I remember a long time ago when I absolutely didn’t keep up with the needed HVAC plan maintenance; . I didn’t even change the air filter to be honest. In consequence, I faced a very upscale HVAC plan repair! Things went south for my girlfriend and I when my air conditioning failed on us in middle of summer. When I called the local HVAC supplier for help, they couldn’t get to us for at least a week! That was the most unbearable week of my life! The HVAC supplier was very disappointed with how awful I neglected the HVAC system when they came out to take care of everything–he said it would cost a fortune to maintenance everything. I paid the cost without question; my girlfriend and I needed everything to be working again.The process of fixing my HVAC system took almost the entire day. When he was done, he explained that I very needed to change the air filter ideally every month but at least every other month. He said that I was very lucky that the heat exchanger didn’t crack from overheating, otherwise I would have had to replace the entire HVAC system. If the heat exchanger cracks, it can cause carbon monoxide poisoning!  I wouldn’t be allowed to use the HVAC in that case until I obtained a whole new one. He said that I needed to call for HVAC plan maintenance at least once per year but preferably twice per year for essential plan tune-ups. I listened closely to what the guy told me and followed his advice to the letter. I have never experienced any HVAC plan issues since I started changing out the air conditioning filters properly. Plus, I never forget to call the HVAC supplier for essential tune-ups.

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