The hardware store’s climate control collection

I’m in the process of fixing and patching up some holes in the roof of our pool house, so the other morning I went to purchase supplies at the home improvement store. I just needed a few simple materials to patch the hole and secure metal roofing. Yet while I was walking the aisles with my basket in hand, I overheard this guy a few aisles over that was talking to his neighbor about his cooling system. I couldn’t make out everything, however the guy was telling his neighbor about how he was sick of his seasoned temperature control. The guy explained it basically sits on the wall to take up space. “It’s an seasoned dial temperature control”, the person said, “and I’d do better hot-wiring the system to turn on myself!” His neighbor was very reassuring, though that sounded like a rough situation to be in . I listened a bit closer, leaning against the shelf that separated our aisles as his neighbor talked about getting a smart temperature control for his lake house. “Smart temperature controls are a major improvement”, his neighbor explained, “because they can customize program settings and automatically build schedules and based on what you do everyday!” Given the level of information he knew about the product, his neighbor could have been a Heating plus A/C specialist!  It was enough for me to circle around the aisle and look at what these guys were discussing. They were in the aisle dedicated to heating, ventilation and a/c equipment and accessories. In front of them were numerous smart temperature controls designed for household use. I evaluated the prices for these temperature controls, and they were surprisingly affordable! I thought about it for a minute, however decided to wait until I could get back to my townhouse and inspect our own temperature control. Perhaps I do not need a new model just yet.

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