Getting some HVAC info

My younger brother Johnny is one of the more interesting people you’ll ever meet. He got into some trouble with heroin abuse when he was a teenager.  My family would wonder where he was at night and what he was up. During that time, there was constant fear of him ending up in jail, homeless, or even dead.  It was a difficult time for all of us. Now, Johnny has completely turned his life around. Surprisingly, some of his success is due to the HVAC industry. Right after getting out of rehab, Johnny was offered a position with  a local HVAC supplier as a paid intern. He’s super motivated, they were glad to give him the opportunity to learn a new skill set. He worked with the certified HVAC contractors, picking up the trade, and then eventually got licensed himself.  Johnny is quite intelligent, and learned very quickly. Soon, he was heading out on heating and cooling repair and installation calls all on his own. He now has a successful and lucrative job in the HVAC industry. The great result of all this is that my brother is now clean and has a job he loves and takes pride in.  His new skills are super handy for my entire family as well. If we’re having Heating or Air Conditioning troubles at our various homes, we just call up Johnny for help. We frequently ask his opinion on the operation of the furnace or Air Conditioner. Even when he is unavailable to come over to inspect the Heating or cooling equipment instantaneously, he offers suggestions on how  keep it working until he has the opportunity make the full repair. Johnny’s expertise has saved my family thousands of dollars. He handles all the maintenance, repairs and installation for all of our Heating, Air Conditioning and air quality requirements.

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