Getting the a/c fixed


     During your early life , there are things which can either make or break you. For instance, having unstable parents as a small child will lead to a bunch of troubles down the road in most cases. Similarly, having a super well adapted mom plus supportive extended family members might just provide you with a sizable leg up later on in life! That’s how it has been for me, anyways, thanks to my great mom plus his father, especially; My mom was excellent at teaching me how to be financially responsible plus stretch my money.

                My Grandpa was very handy plus knew how almost everything in the new home worked. Thanks to him, I do too; He’s saved me thousands in life: almost $1500 just last month when our A/C method broke down, and it was steaming hot out that week – well over 90 degrees every day with crazy humidity. O course, our whole cooling method broke down. I knew that I couldn’t afford to call out a professional HVAC professional during this heat stroke, for they were charging an extravagant fee for their emergency services. With this in mind, I called up all the lessons that grandpa taught me out in the yard, hunched over the aged central A/C unit.

                   He taught me how the compressor plus motor needed to be delicately cleaned plus cared for. He taught me the dangers of freon… And he walked me through the process of cleaning plus inspecting our own air ducts for problems. With his wisdom on our side, I managed to service our own cooling system. It only took a few days plus a few extra trips to the hardware store.

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